The "Sleeping Asian Tiger" started to open its eyes

The "Sleeping Asian Tiger" started to open its eyes

 The three main issues that Indonesia has to offer are a sustainable energy transition, digital transformation, and global health architecture. All three are based on the views of Indonesia which feels that the world is being hit by a crisis that is dangerous for human survival. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic was not over, the rivalries between various countries continued to sharpen and led to wars that forgot human rights. It seems that the "Sleeping Asian Tiger" has begun to open its eyes to carry out an important mission and make a new record in world history. This important mission is to lead many countries in the world and create a much better life order, through the G20 Summit which culminated in Nusa Dua, Bali Province, from 15 to 16 November 2022 and was enlivened by various Indonesian cultural arts.

As a result, wars disrupting the stability of food, energy and financial security are felt by the world, especially developing countries. These issues then succeeded in attracting the attention of representatives from 17 countries, to attend in person and convey their views with Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the G20. The 17 countries themselves are Indonesia, the United States, China, Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, Argentina, France, the European Commission, Saudi Arabia, Australia, India, Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada. Indonesia has succeeded in attracting members of the G20 countries to build a sustainable life, through its down-to-earth culture and local wisdom. Local wisdom that has taken root in Indonesian society teaches good attitudes to maintain coexistence with all other living things so that they can continue to be a source of life on earth. At that rare moment, President Jokowi used the time to discuss all crises in order to produce something concrete and beneficial for the world.

It is with positive values   such as mutual cooperation, tolerance and the spirit of democracy that Jokowi presides over the G20 Summit solemnly and conveys various challenges to the world today in a polite way. The positive aura was very clear at the G20, in which all parties agreed to create an equal and fair world, one of which was to build a pandemic fund, as a result of discussions on health issues. Of course, today's translation, we don't want to go back to the past, but with principles like these, with the support of science, with the support of technology, we will be able to produce a sustainable or sustainable living system or determinant of the life of the living hood. For Indonesia, the frequency of health crises in the last few months has moved more frequently, such as the emergence of monkeypox as a small-scale pandemic. The pandemic fund that will be formed will involve the World Bank as a depository of funds, and WHO as part of the advisors/experts who provide input on how these funds are used by countries for the benefit of prevention, preparedness and overcoming the threat of a future pandemic. Funding is intended so that the financing mechanism in the global health architecture for pandemic prevention and response can function optimally. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has made huge losses on a global scale.

The G20 invites developing countries to play a role as a global health supply chain, including manufacturing and research centers in the global architecture so that capacity gaps in the health sector can be reduced. For Indonesia, research cooperation and technology transfer are strengthened, and access to production raw materials is expanded for developing countries. Additionally, the TRIPS Waiver should extend to all healthcare solutions, including diagnostics and therapeutics. WHO must also realize its commitment regarding hubs and spokes for health solutions. The health capacity gap cannot be tolerated. Developing countries need empowering partnerships. In this case, the G20 emphasizes developed countries which are members of the G20 to place developing countries as part of the solution to health problems. Hubs (centres) and spokes (connectors) which are the vaccine distribution schemes themselves, starting from the point of production, the airport as the center, to the smallest health service facility in a country. The world must not repeat mistakes during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a worthwhile journey to prepare the world for a global health emergency. Apparently, "Never again" should be a shared mantra. Other matters regarding environmental issues, for example, the attitude of mutual cooperation has encouraged United States President Joe Biden and other parties to seek to mobilize funds of up to US$20 billion to assist various energy transition projects in Indonesia. The call made includes encouraging the expansion of vaccine distribution through the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Vaiver vaccine distribution scheme which is not limited to COVID-19.

Loudly, Indonesia also calls on the world to stop wars that could take away the nation's future, and asks for improvements to digital inequality by mobilizing investment to be able to build digital infrastructure that is affordable for all parties. It is hoped that the disbursement of funds provided by the cooperation of the United States, Japan, the World Financial Institutions and the private sector will help Indonesia reduce carbon emissions significantly and expand its electricity generation network from new and renewable energy. The positive aura also reaches the community. In translating these good efforts, the National Population and Family Planning Agency has simultaneously intensified good information on G20 discussions down to the family level. The goal is that the public can participate in understanding each issue discussed and feel proud of Indonesia being chosen as the host. Therefore, let's jointly support Indonesia's success in leading the G20, by spreading the word about the country's good goals of creating a balanced, equal, prosperous life for others, protecting each other and creating a comfortable and safe earth to live in.

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