Taiwan Called to be Persecuted

Taiwan Called to be Persecuted

 The head of the US agency that monitors religious freedom around the world has frankly said the Chinese government is planning to commit crimes against humanity against the island it claims to belong to. "Of course, there is no doubt that no situation reflects the Chinese regime's intentions for Taiwan and the world other than the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity that the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] is currently committing," Turkel said. 

The chairman of the United States' International Religious Freedom Commission, Nury Turkel, warned that Taiwanese may face the same fate as the persecuted Uighurs in western China's Xinjiang region if Beijing attacks the democratic island nation. "The communist authorities have made it clear that Taiwan must understand what happened to the Uighur people. You should know that if you fail to protect Taiwan, a similar fate awaits the Taiwanese people," said Turkel, Tuesday (30/8). RFA reported that Xinjiang authorities are believed to have arbitrarily detained some 1.8 million Uighurs and other Turkic minorities in what they call "re-education camps" in prisons. 

Meanwhile China has claimed the facilities were "vocational training centres" meant to deter religious extremism and radicalism and later said they had been shut down. There is also ample evidence that some detainees were subjected to forced labor, torture, sexual violence, and forced sterilization and abortion, although Beijing vehemently denies allegations of rights abuses. The US government and some Western parliaments have declared that the act constitutes genocide or crimes against humanity. 

"We've seen what the CCP is doing to the Uyghur people," said Turkel, who is a Uighur-American lawyer and human rights advocate based in Washington D.C. Speaking to RFA, Turkel urged the Taiwanese government to join democracy groups to boycott goods made by Uighurs under forced labor restrictions in Bamboo Curtain Country. "Taiwan should study the Uighur genocide," said Turkel. "You must learn from the horrors and atrocities committed in broad daylight. You must not wait and see, hope for the best, or hope that you will be spared the same fate."

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