Mahathir Mohamad, Europe Addicted to War and Killing People

Mahathir Mohamad, Europe Addicted to War and Killing People

 Mahathir added that Europeans echoed war and celebrated killings. According to him, Europeans made killers as heroes, by erecting statues and making ceremonies or ceremonies. "I don't like to generalize. But in this case there is no choice but to generalize because that is generally the case," Mahathir said in a tweet via his official Twitter @chedetofficial, quoted Friday (2/9). "I believe that the nations of Europe are very addicted to war, killing people. 

For thousands of years there has never been a year where there was no war between European countries," he continued. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad again tweeted via his Twitter on Friday (2/9). Now, Mahathir assesses European nations like war. Mahathir's tweet may have been about the war between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, there is also a conflict between European countries that are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) with Russia. "They prepare for war with drills and war games. They are constantly inventing new weapons that are more efficient at killing people. 

They say that to have peaceful countries one must prepare for war," he said. After preparing for war, Mahathir said, Europeans tried and tested the new weapons by instigating war with other countries by provoking them. "During their World War II, Western countries considered Russia an ally. Millions of Russians died and millions were injured. A number of small towns and villages were destroyed," he said. Furthermore, Mahathir said, the West then began to partner with its allies to consider Russia a new enemy. They founded NATO and Russia responded by making the Warsaw Pact, resulting in a cold war for decades. 

"When the Russians pushed from the East, and the Western countries along with the United States attacked from the West. They defeated Germany," he added. According to Mahathir, as more former members of the Warsaw Pact join the European Union and NATO, Russia finds a new enemy on its western borders. Furthermore, the war was played out involving the countries on Russia's western borders, with the idea of   having to provoke Moscow. Ukraine will join NATO knowing full well that Russia will feel threatened because Ukraine is a next-door neighbour. "Instead of disbanding NATO, Western countries started persuading former members of the Warsaw Pact to join NATO and the European Union. Russia was not invited and remains a potential enemy," he added.
"So the NATO countries do not recognize Ukraine as a member of NATO. 

But they continue to provoke Russia by announcing that they will eventually accept Ukraine's membership in NATO. The provocation was successful and Russia attacked Ukraine. Zelensky's call for NATO to join in defending his country was ignored but his support was only with money and supplies. "So Ukraine was left to defend itself. Millions of people migrated, thousands of civilians and soldiers died and the country was destroyed. Not a single NATO soldier was killed, nor was any NATO countries harmed. This is Europe's best strategy against the so-called proxy war," Mahathir said. Previously, Mahathir was currently undergoing treatment at the hospital since Wednesday (31/9). This is after Mahathir tested positive for Covid-19. 

"Western countries don't really want Ukraine to join NATO. There is a danger that Russia will attack Ukraine. NATO countries have agreed that an attack on any of its members is an attack on NATO. This means NATO will go to war if Ukraine becomes a member and is attacked. The western allies don't want a European war. But they seem to want a limited war to test Russia's power. Maybe to weaken it," Mahathir said.

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