Israel targets Aleppo International Airport with missile strike

Israel targets Aleppo International Airport with missile strike

 Not only in Aleppo, explosions were also recorded in Damascus. An eye witness reported some damage to residential areas and possible casualties. However, until this news was published, there has been no official confirmation from the Syrian government. Citing SANA, one said that at least three missiles landed on the runway of Aleppo airport, rendering it unusable until further notice. 

The Syrian air force intercepted a number of Israeli missiles on Wednesday (31/8) night, but several of the missile defenses damaged the international airport in Aleppo. "At around eight o'clock this evening, the Israeli enemy targeted Aleppo International Airport with a missile strike, which caused material damage," a military source told Syria's state news agency SANA. Most air traffic was diverted through Aleppo after a similar attack in June destroyed the runway at Damascus International Airport. Israeli satellite photos show significant damage to the airport. Meanwhile, Syrian officials informed Russia that repairing the damaged runway might take "significant time."

 SANA reports Israel has repeatedly targeted Syria with missiles, which are usually fired from Lebanese airspace or the occupied Golan Heights. Syria, Russia and Turkey have repeatedly protested against Israeli attacks and called on West Jerusalem to stop violating Syrian sovereignty, but those calls appear to have had no effect. 

Israel briefly acknowledged one such attack, with its government claiming it was intended as a form of self-defense especially against Iran's presence in Syria. Tehran has offered military assistance to Damascus in recent years against Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists and other radical militants. Israel claims Iran is using civilian flights to Syria to smuggle weapons and missile parts to Hezbollah, a Shiite militia in Lebanon.

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