4-Year-Old Boy Brings Firearms to School in Texas

4-Year-Old Boy Brings Firearms to School in Texas

 In the case in Texas, an off-duty school police officer was "requested to assist in dealing with a four-year-old student who brought a loaded gun to school," police said in a statement. The police then took the gun. A four-year-old child in the US state of Texas carries a loaded gun to school, authorities say, as fears of school shootings resurfaced at the end of summer vacation in America. According to a VOA report, Friday (2/9), the shocking incident in the City of Corpus Christi Wednesday (31/8) came two days after a similar incident occurred in the state of Arizona, involving a seven-year-old child. 

The child's parents were identified as owners of the gun and the father, aged 30, was later arrested and charged with making firearms accessible to children and endangering the child's life. Last Monday, a seven-year-old boy in Arizona was found carrying an empty pistol and a magazine loaded with bullets in his backpack to school in Cochise City, the local sheriff's office said. Informed of the incident, the boy's father returned home from his office to inspect his firearm collection. It turned out that one of his other guns was missing. 

Americans, tragically, are becoming increasingly used to the repeated mass shootings in schools. Last May, 19 elementary school students and their two teachers were killed in a mass shooting at an elementary school in the city of Uvalde, Texas. "His parents were interviewed and said that the guns had been stored in a place they believed was safe, away from the children, after a recent camping trip. 

But it seems the sophomore was able to gain access and take the guns with him. to school," the sheriff's office added. Nearly 400 million firearms are in the United States, more than the country's population. A second gun was later found in the school's administrative office, where the boy apparently hid it pending authorities.

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