US plans to partner with chipmakers from Taipei

US plans to partner with chipmakers from Taipei

 The crisis of semiconductor products that is currently hitting the global market has made the US manufacturing sector experience a setback due to the difficulty of obtaining high-tech chip products at affordable prices. This information became public after US officials revealed their plans to increase semiconductor production in the Americas by cooperating with chip manufacturers from Taipei, one of which is the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). 

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known to be holding a meeting with the chairman of Taiwan's largest semiconductor producer during her visit to Taipei, Wednesday (3/8/2022). Worried that this problem will spread to cripple the manufacturing industry sector in the Americas, the Biden government has decided that the speaker of the Pelosi House of Representatives will meet with the chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Mark Liu, to discuss the implementation of the Chips and Science Act which was recently passed. . "The new US law offers greater opportunities for economic cooperation with Taiwan, with the aim of strengthening America's chip industry to compete with China." Pelosi told Taiwan's parliament. 

Quoting from the Washington Post, the meeting between Pelosi and Mark Liu will be held on Wednesday (3/8/2022). After the chairman of the US House of Representatives finished holding a meeting with Taiwan activists related to human rights. By disbursing a subsidy of US$52 billion, Pelosi explained that this collaboration was intended to encourage TSMC to expand the construction and operation of a chip factory in Arizona. Previously, TSMC had built a chip factory in the area with transistors measuring five nanometers, in 2020. The choice of Taiwan as a partner is not without reason, the presence of TSMC itself is considered important because this company is one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world. In fact, almost 90 percent of the supply of the highest technology chips in the United States and the West is supplied directly by TSMC.

 Generally, TSMC's flagship chip products are used by the US to develop various military equipment including F-35 fighter jets, Javelin missiles, and supercomputer tools in US national laboratories. The TSMC chip is also used by a number of technology companies to develop electronic products such as Apple. To support the US plan to increase chip production, the US is reportedly holding training for 250 skilled professionals. In this way, the US hopes that local chip production in its country can increase so that the crisis of semiconductor products in the global market can be reduced.

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