Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky blasphemed against his citizens

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky blasphemed against his citizens

 Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has come under severe criticism that has not been seen since the Russian invasion, after he admitted to deliberately hiding news about the threat of a Russian military operation before the agenda began. In an interview with The Washington Post Zelensky admitted that prior to the outbreak of hostilities with Russia, he had downplayed US warnings of a threatening attack for fear that Ukrainians would leave the country en masse. 

"If we communicated that ... then I would have lost 7 billion dollars a month since last October," he said. Zelensky claims that this deception of his own people prevented Russia from seizing the country within three days. The Washington Post called Zelensky's decision to sacrifice the lives of his citizens to avoid economic collapse was his first serious communication blunder since the conflict began. The admission, said US media, has sparked a series of public criticism of Zelensky, who previously appeared to be "impeccable, and a national hero" for Ukraine. 

The criticism was unprecedented even since the war began. Citing Russia Today, at the end of January, Zelensky promised Ukraine a year of peace. The remarks came days after he met with CIA Director William Burns, who reportedly detailed Russia's military plans. At this confession, many Ukrainians and public figures were outraged after seeing their president appear distrustful of his people. Critics argue Ukraine could have prepared for battle much better, stockpiling food and updating civil defense infrastructure and saving many lives lost. "He doesn't want to put the country on a military footing because he is afraid of losing power," journalist Bogdan Butkevich wrote on social media, as quoted by the Washington Post. 

Some Zelensky supporters argue that people can listen to American officials, who deliver public warnings about the Russian threat, instead of trusting their president. The newspaper ended the article with a comment from a Ukrainian woman, who said people should not discuss Zelensky's confession until after the conflict ended. "Ukraine won because of our trust in the president and our armed forces," he said. He believes that Zelensky will face accountability for his actions afterwards, because "this is the society we are fighting for."

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