UK to carry out organized power cuts

UK to carry out organized power cuts

 “That scenario was not something we expected to happen. Their households, businesses and industries will get the electricity and gas they need," an official in the government's Department of Business, Energy and Industry Strategy said in an interview. Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak are expected to face a tough winter when they succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister next month. Power outages will persist as Britons face hefty bills. 

The energy crisis is now threatening the European region, this condition encourages the UK to carry out power cuts in an organized manner. The plan will be executed over several days during the winter. In a “worst case scenario”, the UK is expected to face a shortage of electricity capacity which amounts to around one-sixth of demand. From this point of view, there has been a reduction in electricity imports from Norway and France. As is known, Moscow has restricted the flow of gas pipelines to the UK. 

The country may become increasingly dependent on gas pipeline shipments from mainland Europe in the winter months. The Pound is currently at its weakest point against the Euro, this also erases the gain against the US dollar at USD 1.2080 in currency trading. BEIS reported that the UK actually has gas reserves in the North Sea and does not depend on energy imports from Russia.

 The UK also hosts the second largest LNG port infrastructure in Europe. Owner Centrica Plc, said the return to service earlier this winter would be equivalent to 10 cargoes of LNG, not enough to make a significant difference. The UK is said to also face international competition in terms of gas imports. This condition makes the UK sell electricity at a higher price than Norway, and depend on imports.

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