The United States of the Taliban violated the agreement between them

The United States of the Taliban violated the agreement between them

 The Taliban will deal with the international community in accordance with sharia law, the hardline Islamist group's supreme leader said, according to a copy of a speech distributed by the information ministry on Friday. About 3,000 tribal leaders, officials and clerics gathered Thursday in Kandahar, the southern city where the group's supreme spiritual leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, is based, according to the state news agency Bakhtar. The meeting is the second since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan about a year ago. 

"This meeting was held to think about the freedom that we received with the blessings of Allah, which we achieved from the blood of our mujahideen," Akhundzada said in his speech. "We will deal with the international community according to Islamic Sharia ... if Sharia does not allow it, we will not deal with any other country," Akhundzada said, adding. Yet to be officially recognized as a government by any country, the group is struggling with a severe economic crisis due to the enforcement of strict international sanctions and a halt in development aid. Many governments, including the United States, have pressured the Taliban to relax rules against women and open schools to girls of secondary school age. 

Talks with US diplomats are continuing, in particular about how to revive the country's stalled banking sector and the possible release of frozen central bank assets held overseas. However, officials have warned of many obstacles to achieving any progress. In an escalation of tensions, the US in July carried out a drone strike in central Kabul to kill al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and accused the Taliban of violating the agreement between them by protecting Zawahiri. 

Thursday's meeting passed several resolutions, according to the Bakhtar news agency, including condemning the drone attack and condemning the complicity of any neighboring country that authorized the use of its airspace for the attack. The US usually needs to get permission from neighboring countries to access Afghanistan by air, as the whole of Afghanistan is bordered by the mainland. Officials have not disclosed the route of the drone's journey. Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan, said its airspace was not used for the attack.

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