Iran Ready to Respond to Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Iran Ready to Respond to Israeli Attacks on Gaza

 Israel pounded the Gaza Strip, Palestine, since last week and killed dozens of people. In response to this attack, Iran began to alert the military to retaliate against them. If you look at the data, how do the Iranian and Israeli militaries compare? The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami said their troops were ready to help Palestinians. 

The Iranian military is ready to respond to an Israeli attack on Gaza and the following is a comparison between the Iranian and Israeli military. "Today, all anti-Zionist jihadist capabilities are on site in a united formation fighting to liberate Jerusalem, and uphold the rights of the Palestinian people," Salami said. He then said, "We are with you on this road to the end. Palestine and the people know they will not be alone." Despite the comments of Major General of the IRGC, Israel attacks the Gaza Strip because it wants to avenge Islamic Jihad's attacks on its country. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is an Iranian-backed group. 

The group was founded in 1981 and has committed to armed resistance against the Jewish state. This group was originally formed by students at the Islamic University of Gaza. Some view Islamic Jihad as a wing of Hamas, the Islamist group that has controlled the Palestinian enclave since 2007. Although based in Gaza, Islamic Jihad also has a strong presence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Iran is keen to defend Palestine.
On the other hand, Tehran and Tel Aviv are also hostile to each other. Israel is often worried that Iran's nuclear procurement program will continue to grow and endanger them. In fact, the relationship between the two countries was harmonious. 

However, relations began to crack after Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was overthrown by Shia clerics and religious groups for his policies in 1979. Regardless of the relationship between Israel and Iran, how do these two countries' militaries compare? According to a site that displays the world's military power, Global Fire Power, as of August 2022, Iran is ranked 14th, while Israel is in 18th position out of 142 countries. Although Iran is superior in ranking, in terms of budget, Tehran's troops are far behind Israel. Iran has only poured a defense budget of US $ 5 billion .

In terms of the number of personnel, Iran has more than 1 million personnel. Of this number, there are 575 active personnel, and 350,000 reserve troops. Meanwhile, the Iranian air force has a total aircraft asset of up to 543 units. In more detail, there are 96 trainer aircraft, 12 attack helicopters, 197 fighter aircraft, 9 special aircraft, 7 tanker fleet, 126 helicopters, 85 transport aircraft, and 23 units dedicated to attack. For the Army force, the Tehran troops have 2,831 tankers, 2,485 projector rockets, 7,600 armored vehicles, 1,030 self-propelled artillery units. and 2,108 pond artillery units. 

The Iranian Navy has total assets of up to 142 units. These include 7 frigates, one mine warfare unit, three corvettes, 19 submarines, and 66 patrol boats. They have no destroyers, helicopters and carriers. Meanwhile, Israel has a higher defense budget than Iran, reaching US$17.8 billion . In terms of the number of personnel, Israel has 646 thousand military personnel. Of this number, active military personnel are 173,000, and reserve personnel are 465,000. In terms of Air Force strength, Israel has a total of 597 combat aircraft, 153 trainer aircraft, and 48 attack helicopters.

 In addition, they also have 241 fighter aircraft, 23 special mission aircraft, and 11 tankers, 15 transportation vehicles and 127 helicopters. Meanwhile, for the Army's strength, they have a total of 1,900 tanks, 48   rocket projectors, 8,044 armored vehicles, 650 self-propelled artillery, and 300 towing artillery units. In the naval sector, Israel has 5 submarines, 7 corvettes, 45 patrol boats. Tel Aviv has no destroyers, frigates, helicopter carriers, and mine warships.

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