G7 urges China not to unilaterally change the status quo

G7 urges China not to unilaterally change the status quo

 This was done to hold an emergency meeting and express a strong protest at the joint statement on Taiwan issued by the foreign ministers of the seven-nation group (G7) and the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Ambassadors of European countries and European Union members in Beijing were summoned by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li. "This is really an act of interfering in China's internal affairs and giving the wrong signal to the Taiwan independence separatist group. 

China resolutely refuses and expresses strong protest," Deng said. Deng accused the G7 and EU foreign ministers of distorting the facts in issuing a joint statement on Taiwan, as stated in a written statement by the MFA in Beijing, Friday (5/8/2022) night. He also called the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan a form of gross violation of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Previously, the G7 expressed concern over China's threatening actions in the Taiwan Strait, increasing tensions in the Strait.

 The G7 urged China not to unilaterally change the status quo through violent acts in the Taiwan Strait and resolve differences peacefully. Meanwhile, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) continues to launch large-scale target-firing drills around Taiwan. As of the second day on Friday, a number of PLA warplanes flew close to the Taiwan coastline. A number of fighter jets, bombers, early warning planes, and reconnaissance planes conducted exercises to capture airspace around Taiwan.

 China's official broadcaster CCTV reported several warplanes involved in the exercise, including the H-6k, J-16 and Su-30. “Today, my colleagues and I were ordered to carry out a close-range prevention mission. We can visually see down the coastline and mountains of central Taiwan," said Hou Hong, a PLA Air Force barricade pilot involved in the drills, Friday. 

In addition, more than 10 PLA   missile destroyers and frigates carried out blockade operations from various directions around Taiwan. Friday's drills are slated for real-life naval and air combat in Taiwan's northern, southwest and eastern regions to test the operational capabilities of the combined forces, the PLA Eastern Fleet Command said in a statement.

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