Explosion in Afghanistan kills at least 10

Explosion in Afghanistan kills at least 10

 KABUL - Explosions hit Afghanistan's capital for the second day in a row, killing at least 10 people. A bomb mounted on a trolley exploded in Kabul on Friday, killing eight people and wounding 18. 

Another explosion occurred on Saturday (6/8) in a settlement inhabited by many ethnic Hazara who are Shia Muslims. The Taliban, who took power in Afghanistan in August last year, said the roadside explosion killed at least two people and injured 22. 

Reports from a number of news agencies, including Reuters, said the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group claimed responsibility for both attacks, as the group frequently targets Shiites. 

It is almost a year since the Taliban took power back in Afghanistan. However, the security situation in the country is still volatile due to a series of acts of terrorism by members of the ISIS group.

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