Donald Trump Angry Against US Government

Donald Trump Angry Against US Government

 "Politics cannot influence the administration of justice. Law enforcement is a shield that protects US citizens. It cannot be used as a weapon for political purposes," the lawsuit said. Meanwhile, Trump's top attorney, Jim Trusty, and two other sources said they would appoint special court officials. It aims to determine whether the documents seized by the FBI could be used in the investigation. Former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump sued the US government after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ransacked his home in Mar-a-Largo last August 8. 

The lawsuit was filed in the Florida district court, USA, on Monday (22/8). Trump's lawsuit calls the Mar-a-Largo search aggressive. "The lawsuit argues that the court should appoint an expert witness, usually a retired attorney or judge, because the FBI is likely to confiscate items during a search and the Justice Department must not designate what evidence will be used in its investigation," Trusty and two sources said. another, quoted from The Guardian. 

The lawsuit has also been filed in a Southern Florida District court. They also asked the government to provide details of the items seized during the search. The Mar-a-lago search itself aims to find official state data from the Trump presidency. The US Department of Justice suspects the data was illegally taken by Trump as he left the White House. 

It was reported that the search was carried out under the Espionage Act. A number of items and documents were found relating to nuclear weapons. The incident actually made Trump extend his list of legal investigations, ranging from business-related matters to election fraud. Trump himself refuses to admit his defeat to current US President Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Trump suspects that his election rivals cheated.

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