Definition, terms and how to register TikTok Affiliate

Definition, terms and how to register TikTok Affiliate

 This TikTok Affiliate system starts from a creator who includes a link in the video content that is created. TikTok Affiliate is a program that becomes a liaison between content creators and sellers so that it benefits both parties. Then, if the user clicks on the link in the video and makes a purchase transaction through the related link, the creator will get a commission from the TikTok Affiliate. In addition, if you have seen a yellow basket on TikTok and purchased a product from that basket, then it is considered a transaction through the TikTok Affiliate program.

Here are the requirements for registering a TikTok Affiliate

1. Create a TikTok Shop Account.

 To run TikTok Affiliate, you must create a TikTok Shop account. TikTok shop is an official buying and selling platform provided by TikTok complete with features to make purchases to promote the products being sold. This feature makes it easy for business owners to promote their products. In the TikTok Affiliate program, this TikTok shop account is required to be a sales medium. After registering a TikTok shop account, you can continue the TikTok Affiliate marketing program. 

2. Have a Valid Bank Account. 

The next requirement is for users to have a registered account number. Later, the sales proceeds will be transferred to your account. 

3. Additional Terms.

 Some companies, only open TikTok Affiliate opportunities by considering the number of followers. This is not a mandatory thing for TikTok Affiliate registrants. However, some think that with the large number of followers they have, they will get a lot of market potential.

How to Register for TikTok Shop:

2. Select the "Register with TikTok account" menu. 

3. Login using your account first. 

4. Select the desired method. 

5. After successfully logging in, read and understand the terms provided. 

6. When finished, click "Authorized". 

7. Enter your email and phone number for verification. 

8. Click next or "Next". 

9. Enter information about your business (store address, type of business, store name, warehouse/store address, contact name, telephone number, and return warehouse). 

10. On the basic information page, read the last statement. 

11. After the data has been successfully entered, you need to verify using your ID card data.

 12. Take a selfie with your ID card. 

13. Enter the required data.

 14. Click "Save". 

15. Registration Complete.

How to Register TikTok Affiliate for Creators

1. Login using your TikTok account.

 2. Go to the "Settings and Privacy" menu.

 3. In the Authorize TikTok Shop column, make sure there is a TikTok Shop menu. 

4. Select the "TikTok Shop" menu. 

5. Click the "Add Affiliate Product" menu, add the product you want to offer. 

6. Then link the link from the e-commerce. 

7. Later, the system will show you how many results you get when choosing a product.

How to Register TikTok Affiliate for Sellers

 2. Login your TikTok account. 

3. Open the TikTok affiliate shop site. 

4. Click the "Program > Save Program" menu. 

5. Click the "Create" menu. 

6. Select the type of commission and determine the percentage of commission to be given. 

7. Click the "Send" menu. 

8. You have successfully signed up for the TikTok Affiliate Program.

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