Congress in the US, Russia becomes a state sponsor of terrorists

Congress in the US, Russia becomes a state sponsor of terrorists

 Currently Russia and the US are in a cold war due to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, but they still have diplomatic relations. “If the people in Washington decide to completely stop any interaction with Moscow, we can accept it. 

There should be no doubt about that," Russian interior ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday (2/8/2022). The Kremlin has said it is ready to sever diplomatic ties with the United States if it designates Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. This follows a proposal that designates Russia as a state sponsor of terrorists at a Congressional meeting in the US.

 The idea of   adding Russia to the blacklist, which already includes Iran, North Korea, Syria and Cuba, was championed by some lawmakers, such as Senator Lindsey Graham. A non-binding resolution calling on the US State Department to take such a step was passed by the Senate last week. A similar move by the House of Representatives was strongly recommended by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who drew media attention this week for her potential visit to Taiwan.

 China called the trip a serious provocation. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly rejected calls from Capitol Hill and from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the designation of terrorist to be given to Russia. “I hope the flying speaker will return to his base soon and discuss [branding Russia a sponsor of terrorism] with people who have at least an interest in how trade diplomacy works,” Zakharova said. Zakharova said if the US labels Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, it would be a "point of no return" for both countries.

 Calls to do so are a sign of America's weakness, he said, because Washington is no longer in a position to simply bow to the whims of any country whose policies are disliked for some reason. The White House argues that such a move would have no practical effect in terms of the anti-Russian sanctions the US is willing to impose and could backfire in a variety of ways.

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