Xi Jinping's stern warning to Joe Biden

Xi Jinping's stern warning to Joe Biden

 Xi's stern warning follows growing concerns from Beijing over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's planned visit to Taipei. Chinese state media reported Xi told Biden that the United States must adhere to the "One China Principle". He also stressed that China firmly opposes Taiwan's independence and foreign interference there. US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a phone call Thursday (28/7/2022). On that occasion, Xi warned the US not to "play with fire" on the Taiwan issue. 

Beijing has issued a stern warning about the repercussions if Pelosi visited Taiwan. Like Biden, Pelosi is also known as a senior Democratic Party politician. If the woman did visit Taiwan, the move could be interpreted as blatant support from the US for the island's sovereignty. Beijing itself has been claiming Taiwan as part of China. “Those who play with fire will get burned. (We) hope the US side can see this clearly," Chinese state media quoted Xi as telling Biden. The White House said the call lasted more than two hours. 

US officials said the conversations between the two world leaders had a broad agenda, including discussions about Russia's aggression against Ukraine, which China has never denounced to this day. But at its core, US officials say they see Xi and Biden's talks as another opportunity to manage the rivalry between the two countries that are currently the world's biggest economic powers. 

Washington DC has no official relations with Taiwan and follows the “One China Principle” which recognizes Beijing, not Taipei, in its diplomatic relations. However, US law also requires Washington DC to provide Taiwan with the means of self-defense.

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