Vladimir Putin is interested in developing nuclear in Indonesia

Vladimir Putin is interested in developing nuclear in Indonesia

 After meeting with President Joko Widodo, Russian President Vladimir Putin is interested in developing nuclear power in Indonesia. He also admitted that he wanted to be involved in the construction project for the New National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago. He also wanted to help build a train line at IKN. After meeting Jokowi on Thursday (30/6/2022), Putin showed his interest in investing in Indonesia.

 The 69-year-old president expressed his interest in helping nuclear development in Indonesia. Putin explained that Russia has a number of companies already operating in Indonesia. Among them are companies that allow to help develop the country's nuclear industry. "Many of our companies, including energy companies, operate in Indonesia. There is an interest in developing the national nuclear power industry," he said Putin also highlighted the plan to move the Indonesian capital to Kalimantan. He was also interested in participating in the mega project by involving the Russian railway company.

 "Russia Railways can participate in implementing a massive initiative led by Indonesia to move the nation's capital to the island of Borneo," said Putin. Putin also offered further cooperation with Indonesia in other fields. Especially in terms of tourism and immigration with visa-free access and direct flight routes from Moscow to Bali. "Of course, in negotiations with Pak Joko Widodo, attention was paid to significant areas of cooperation such as humanitarian exchanges, culture, tourism, education," Putin explained. 

"This, among other things, will be facilitated by the easing of anti-Covid Restrictions on citizens' travel, as well as the existing visa-free regime. The possibility of continuing direct flights from Moscow to the resort island of Bali." He added that another promising area of   humanitarian cooperation is the expansion of inter-regional and inter-religious dialogue, considering that Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world in terms of population.

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