Vladimir Putin has conducted nuclear drills with the Yars intercontinental missile

Vladimir Putin has conducted nuclear drills with the Yars intercontinental missile

 Russia holds nuclear drills with intercontinental missiles. Nuclear is believed to be able to hit the UK. The war games come after former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned the crisis could lead to 'the end of humanity' Vladimir Putin has carried out nuclear drills with an intercontinental Yars missile launched in a forest in western Siberia. The missile's range of 7,500 miles means they will be capable of striking any country in Europe. 

The test came just hours after Russia's former president and current head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, issued the Kremlin's nuclear threat, warning of an end to "humanity's existence" if Moscow was convicted of war crimes. A statement from the Russian defense ministry said today: "More than 100 hardware devices took part in the exercise". Novosibirsk Missile Formation 'vehicle launch of the Yars road-mobile missile system of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces' Novosibirsk Missile Formation has been practicing transfers during a scheduled exercise. 

'While carrying out their maneuvers, the missile units and detachments dispersed in the forest to increase concealment.' They practiced killing fake saboteurs, scouting launch areas and passing through 'contaminated' areas, the defense ministry said. Putin put his nuclear forces on alert earlier in the war with Ukraine and regular drills continue to be held. Russia has not abated in its nuclear saber strike, with Putin's allies regularly threatening the West with annihilation. Medvedev warned today that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should refrain from attempting 'unlawful' actions against Russia. 

The invasion of Ukraine continues to leave a string of alleged war crimes, including repeated shootings of civilians, reports of rape and torture, brief executions and use of banned cluster munitions. Medvedev, who was Putin's successor president between 2008 and 2012, said on Telegram today: 'The idea of   punishing the country with the greatest nuclear potential is in itself absurd. And potentially threaten the very existence of mankind.' He later accused the US of trying to "sow chaos and destruction" through the ICC, branding Western superpowers "brave or idiot". 

A Kremlin insider said: 'All of American history, from the time of the conquest of the Indians, was a bloody war of extermination. And we are talking about the most brutal extermination of the civilian population. 'This has become a distinctive style of American politics, whoever is in power there. During World War II, the United States destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in this way - only to justify the huge spending on the nuclear 'Manhattan Project'. 'Vietnam and Korea, Yugoslavia and Iraq, Cuba, Afghanistan and Syria are well aware of the dangerous consequences of such an invasion - the list is long, and constantly being updated.

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