Ukrainians Blame President Zelensky For Conflict With Russia

Ukrainians Blame President Zelensky For Conflict With Russia

 Many Ukrainians blame their own government for the conflict with Russia. As reported by RT, Friday (1/7/2022), the findings were revealed in a recent survey. According to the study, nearly 50% believe that the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky bears “huge responsibility” for the ongoing fighting. Ukrainians tend to believe that not only Russia, but their own government, the United States (US), and NATO should all share the blame for the conflict in Ukraine. A telephone survey among 1,005 Ukrainians between June 9 and 13, conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago and sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. 

Respondents were united in Russia's role in the conflict, with 82% saying it bears a "huge responsibility" after sending troops to Ukraine on February 24. Only 9% believe that Moscow is not to blame. However, the poll makes it clear that most Ukrainians seem to disagree with the narrative of President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Western supporters that Moscow's military operation in their country is unwarranted aggression. Pope Francis, the leader of the Vatican, has strongly criticized the United Nations (UN) for not having the power to stop wars. He also called the use of nuclear weapons in war an immoral act. The criticism was conveyed in an interview with Argentina's national news agency, Telam. 

The interview took place June 20, but the hour-long video was not released until July 1. Without mentioning Russia's invasion of Ukraine directly, Pope Francis said the current situation in Europe shows that the United Nations is powerless to stop the war. “After World War II, the trust was placed in the United Nations. It's not my intention to offend anyone, I know there are very nice people working there, but at this point, the UN is powerless to assert," he said, as quoted by the Catholic News Agency, Saturday (2/7/2022) . “It helps to avoid war – and I think of Cyprus, where there are Argentine troops. But to stop wars, to resolve conflict situations like we have today in Europe, or as we live in other parts of the world, it has no power." 

In the interview, the Argentine pope said he believed it was time to rethink the concept of a "just war." “I believe it is time to rethink the concept of a just war. A war may be just, there is a right to self-defense. But we need to rethink the way the concept is used today," he said.
“I have said that the use and possession of nuclear weapons is immoral. Resolving conflict through war means saying no to verbal reasoning, being constructive. War is basically a lack of dialogue." Responding to a question about how the lack of dialogue is a factor that exacerbates the current state of the world, the pope said that there is a whole infrastructure of arms sales underpinning the current war. 

"Someone who knows statistics told me, I don't remember the numbers well, that if weapons weren't produced for a year, there wouldn't be hunger in the world," he said. Pope Francis described how he wept during visits to war cemeteries in Europe, including the World War I Redipuglia monument and Anzio's World War II cemetery in Italy. “And when the anniversary of the Normandy landings is commemorated, I think of the 30,000 boys who were left to die on the beach. They opened the boat and said, 'down, down', they were ordered while the Nazis waited for them. Is that justified? Visiting military cemeteries in Europe helps one realize this," he said.

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