The richest person in the world of all time, a competitor to Elon Musk

The richest person in the world of all time, a competitor to Elon Musk

 According to the Forbes Real Time Billionaire report, currently the "throne" of the richest person in the world is occupied by Elon Musk. With the amount of wealth he currently has, Musk is the first person in modern history to have a coffers of more than US $ 200 billion. In fact, he is predicted to be the first person in modern history to set a record by having a wealth of over US $ 300 billion. But with his wealth that may not run out until these seven generations, can he be crowned the richest person in history? It turns out that previously there were also many rich people like Elon Musk, even richer. These people have been named the richest people in the world of all time. Who are they?

1. Augustus Caesar

This man was the Roman Emperor after Julius Caesar. His wealth according to reached US $ 4.6 trillion. Not only was Augustus Caesar in charge of an empire that accounted for 25% to 30% of the world's economic output, but according to Stanford history professor Ian Morris, Augustus at one time held personal wealth equivalent to one-fifth of his empire's economy.

2. Mansa Musa

Launching the BBC, the title of the richest man of all time still belongs to Mansa Musa, the 14th century ruler of West Africa who was so rich. "Contemporary records of Moses' wealth are so congested that it is almost impossible to know how rich and powerful he really was," Rudolph Butch Ware, professor of history at the University of California, told the BBC. In 2012, the US website Celebrity Net Worth estimated Mansa Musa's net worth at US$400 billion, but economic historians agree that his fortune is impossible to pin down because it was so large.

3. Akbar I

This man of Indian origin rules the kingdom with 25% of global GDP. The greatest emperor of India's Mughal dynasty, Akbar controlled an empire that accounted for about a quarter of global economic output. Fortune's Chris Matthews cites the late economic historian Angus Maddison, who speculated India's GDP per capita under Akbar was comparable to Elizabethan England, but with "a ruling class whose lavish lifestyle surpassed that of European society."

4. Zhao Xu

This man's other name is Kaisas Shenzong. His wealth is immeasurable but he controls an empire with 25% to 30% of global GDP China's Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) was one of the most economically powerful empires of all time. According to Prof. Ronald A. Edwards, a Chinese economic historian of the Song Dynasty at Tamkang University, the country accounted for between 25% and 30% of the world's economic output during its peak.

5. John D Rockefeller

Rockefeller is an American businessman born in 1839 and died in 1937. His wealth is estimated at US $ 341 billion. Rockefeller began investing in the petroleum industry in 1863 and by 1880 his Standard Oil company controlled 90% of American oil production. According to the New York Times, in his obituary, Rockefeller was valued at about $1.5 billion on a 1918 income tax return.

6. Andrew Carnegie

This man lived from 1835 to 1919. His total wealth is estimated at US $ 372 billion. Andrew Carnegie may be the richest American of all time. This Scottish immigrant sold his company, U.S. Steel, to J.P. Morgan at a price of US $ 480 million in 1901. That amount was equivalent to about 2.1% of US GDP at that time.

7. Mir Osman Ali Khan

Mir Osman Ali Khan also known as The Nizam of Hyderabad, was the ruler of Hyderabad until the country was invaded by neighboring India. Mir Osman Ali Khan has a private gold collection valued at over US$ 100 million and owns over US$ 400 million in jewelery including the famous Jacob Diamond which is worth US$ 95 million today. Khan even uses diamonds as paperweights in his office. He is said to have owned more than 50 Rolls Royces cars. The total wealth of men who lived between 1886 and 1967 is estimated at US $ 230 billion.

8. Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov

The man who lived from 1868 to 1918 has a fortune of US $ 300 billion. He is also known as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, ruling the Russian empire from 1894 until 1917 when Bolshevik revolutionaries overthrew and killed him and his family. In 1916, Tsar Nicholas II's net worth was actually nearly $900 million. However, adjusted for inflation, it is estimated to be equivalent to US$ 300 billion in 2012 dollars.

9. Muammar Gaddafi

Who does not know Muammar Gaddafi in today's modern era. The man who was born in 1924 and died in 2011 was a longtime leader of Libya. After his death in 2011, reports emerged that Muammar Gaddafi was secretly the richest person in the world with a net worth of US$ 200 billion. In the months surrounding his death, nearly $70 billion in cash was seized in foreign bank accounts and real estate. Libya's oil fields make up the remainder of his net worth.

10. William The Conqueror

William The Conqueror lived from 1028 to 1087. His total wealth is estimated at US$ 229.5 billion. He is best known for invading and then capturing England in 1066. In that struggle he earned quite a bit of money. When William died he left the equivalent of US$229.5 billion to his sons.

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