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Taylor Swift is officially engaged to Joe Alwyn

Saturday | 2.7.22 | Last Updated 2022-07-03T02:09:40Z

Taylor Swift is officially engaged to Joe Alwyn

 The happy news comes from singer Taylor Swift, who is said to be officially engaged to Joe Alwyn after being in a relationship for more than 5 years. The two were secretly engaged and the incident reportedly happened a few months ago. According to The Sun, the 32-year-old singer has already worn her engagement ring and the two have announced their engagement to their closest relatives. 

"Taylor and Joe are very happy and in love," said a source close to Joe Alwyn in the DailyMail on Wednesday (29/6) then. "They got engaged a few months ago but only told their closest relatives, such as family and old friends. They have all promised (not to divulge it)," he added. In addition, it was stated that the engagement ring was only worn by Taylor Swift when she was at home and was never worn when going out or attending events. The owner of the Folklore album even still hides it from some of his staff. "Once again, very few people know about the wedding and Taylor hasn't told any of his team about the engagement," he said. 
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn did not want their happy moment to be covered or reported by the media. They plan to only hold a simple and intimate event. The Lover singer reportedly started her romance with Joe Alwyn just a few months after the news emerged of her separation from Loki's actor, Tom Hiddleston, in September 2016. 

Taylor gave a sneak peek of their burgeoning romance by alluding to Joe in lyrics on his 2017 hit album Reputation, including the song Gorgeous in which he recalls making fun of his English accent.
The Grammy Award winner has opened up even more on his 2019 album, Lover, where he talks about his London boy in several songs. The song Cruel Summer is also rumored to be about his troubled moments at the beginning of his romance with Joe Alwyn and the end of his love affair with Tom Hiddleston.

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