Russia's strategy to cripple European energy

Russia's strategy to cripple European energy

 "Germany's foreign minister warned Canada that if it maintains the sanctions that practically impede the delivery of gas turbines to Gazprom, Russia, Berlin may be forced to stop military and economic assistance to Ukraine," Oilprice wrote Saturday (23/7/22). ). German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock added that the complete cessation of Russian gas supplies via the Nordstream 1 gas pipeline could trigger a German people's uprising. 

The supply of gas through the Nordstream 1 pipeline is considered to be destroying the unity of the European Union, because the Russian President uses this natural gas pipeline as an instrument to further cripple Europe's energy strategy. "If we don't receive gas turbines, then we will not receive more gas, after that in total we will not be able to help Ukraine, because at that time we were busy with people's demonstrations," Baerbock said. /7/22) German media, RND last Wednesday quoted the foreign minister of this country as reporting that domestic political impacts play an important role in negotiations with Canada.

 The German foreign minister warned that if Russian gas through the Nordstream 1 pipeline was cut off, Berlin would have to face a domestic rebellion, and could no longer help Ukraine, meaning that in the future Germany would still need Russian gas. At the same time, German Ambassador to Canada, Sabine Sparwasser emphasized that her country has never threatened Canada.
Russia tightened gas supplies to Europe on Monday (25/7/2022). Gazprom's supply flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany will drop to just 20% of capacity. Gazprom said gas supplies fell to 33 million cubic meters per day from 04.00 GMT on Wednesday. That's because Gazprom needed to stop operating the Siemens gas turbine at the compressor station on instructions from the industry supervisor. 

On the other hand, Germany said it saw no technical reason to reduce gas flows to Europe. The country considers the reduction in gas supply as a result of Western sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the gas contract for Belada next month, which is the benchmark in Europe, closed 9.95% higher than Nord Stream 1. Even though the gas pipeline has a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year, and is Russia's only largest gas connection. to Europe. 

The European Union has repeatedly accused Russia of using energy as blackmail. Meanwhile, Russia said the gas shortage was due to maintenance problems and the effects of western sanctions. Politicians from Europe say Russia could cut off gas flows this winter. That would push Germany into a recession. In addition, it can lead to price spikes for consumers who are grappling with high food and energy prices.

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