Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to be sick

Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to be sick

 If you open the search engine 'Google' and write the keywords 'Vladimir Putin is Sick' or 'Putin is Sick' then there will be a lot of news about Russian President Vladimir Putin who is rumored to be sick. In fact, many of the media that give Putin is already dying and just waiting for his death. Generally, Putin is rumored to be sick with cancer and suffering from Parkinson's. The majority of the news comes from Western media run by the United States (US) and its allies. 

The issue of Putin being seriously ill has emerged since Russia's war with Ukraine since February 24, 2022. As is known, President Jokowi met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Moscow Kremlin Palace, Thursday (30/6/2022). From the photos and videos published by the Secretariat of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, it appears that Vladimir Putin looks healthy and walks together with Jokowi. Putin also stood next to Jokowi while delivering a press statement to the media. Vladimir Putin even sat close to Jokowi occasionally accompanied by a smile. Newsweek last week quoted Ukrainian officials as believing Russian President Vladimir Putin was suffering from a serious illness. Ukraine's chief of intelligence, Major General Kyrylo O. 

Budanov even predicted that Putin would die within the next two years due to illness. Budanov's claim that Putin does not have a long life emerged in an interview published by USA Today on Saturday last week. The publication notes that Budanov has provided no evidence for his claims. Although the Russian Kremlin Palace insists that Putin is in good health. Earlier this month, Newsweek also cited classified US reports that said Putin appeared to have received treatment for advanced cancer in April. Budanov claimed in May that Putin was "very sick" with cancer and other ailments. He told Sky News that the Russian president was in "very poor psychological and physical condition and he is very sick." 

That same month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied that Putin was sick.
"I don't think that a sane person can see in this person the signs of any particular disease or disease," Lavrov said during an interview with TF1. He added that Putin appeared in public every day. US intelligence has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill. Three high-ranking officials from different US intelligence agencies disclosed the report in local media. According to the report from US Intelligence, Putin is suffering from cancer. Their statement arose out of speculation that Putin was suffering from a terminal illness. 

"Putin is clearly sick," said an official from the office of the National Intelligence Directorate, quoted by the Daily Star, Friday (3/6/2022). But he noted that allegations of Putin's imminent death were mere speculation. Two other officials, one from the Defense Intelligence Service and the other a retired US air force official, claimed to have access to a comprehensive intelligence assessment of Putin's health. The intelligence assessment supports the theory that Putin largely disappeared from the world stage in April due to the latest cancer treatment. "Is Putin sick? Of course," said the former US Air Force official. "A power vacuum after Putin will clearly be dangerous for the world," said the source, who was not named. The intelligence community also believes that Putin is increasingly paranoid about holding on to power. "Putin's grip is very strong, but no longer absolute," said one senior intelligence officer. 

"The struggles within the Kremlin have never been more intense during his reign," he said. The intelligence official also warned that with Putin increasingly isolated, access to credible intelligence was becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

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