Russia dismantles Ukraine has mutant troops

Russia dismantles Ukraine has mutant troops

 Russia reveals Ukraine has a super-killing machine created in a secret experiment in a US-run biolab. The comments were made by two Russian lawmakers who head a commission to investigate a "biological laboratory" in Ukraine. Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Kosachev, and deputy chairman of the State Duma, Irina Yarovaya, uncovered what they described as surprising findings from the "investigation." They said that blood testing of Ukrainian prisoners of war revealed various diseases indicating that they were secretly experimenting for military purposes. 

"And we see the atrocities and savagery committed by the Ukrainian military personnel, the crimes they committed against the civilian population, the horrific crimes they committed against prisoners of war, confirms that this system of control and creation of this ruthless killing machine was implemented under the management of the United States of America," he said. Yarovaya told reporters. "And the performance-enhancing drugs that are still being administered to neutralize the last traces of human consciousness and turn them into the cruelest and deadliest monsters also confirm this," he said as quoted by the Daily Beast, Tuesday (19/7/2022). He also stated that the presence of Hepatitis A antibodies in the blood of Ukrainian prisoners was evidence of an American biolab conspiracy, as the former Ukrainian health minister is a dual Ukrainian-American citizen who has worked to obtain drugs for the treatment of hepatitis in that country.

 "It is very possible to test these drugs on military personnel," Yarovaya said. The statement appears to be a new take on the biolab conspiracy theory routinely reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense to expose the United States' involvement in the war in Ukraine. The United States has always been hostile to Russia since the days of the Soviet Union before World War II. But when the Soviet Union led by Stalin was able to destroy Nazi Germany, America secretly took advantage by bringing back thousands of scientists and German Nazi leaders to America. While building a special intelligence unit trained by the Nazi military, the American government encouraged scientists to carry out various scientific experiments and claimed to be owned by the United States. Since the days of the Nazi government, Adolf Hitler has developed a variety of highly advanced science, especially in the field of biological weapons. One of them is genetic engineering that produces mutant humans. 

Genetic engineering is also used for ethnic cleansing by creating various viruses and antivirals.
The war in Ukraine was the United States' war with NATO against Russia, which had destroyed Nazi Germany. President Zelensky was just a puppet president of the Ukrainian and American Nazis. The Ukrainian people were the direct victims of the war. While the people of Europe are indirect victims of the impact of the war in Ukraine, – along with the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still falling all over the world.

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