Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton hot competition ahead of F1 Austria 2022

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton hot competition ahead of F1 Austria 2022

 2021 F1 champion, Max Verstappen, hit back at Lewis Hamilton's insinuation ahead of the 2022 Austrian F1 this weekend. This sarcastic action stems from Lewis Hamilton's statement after the end of the 2022 British F1 race last weekend. Lewis Hamilton recounted his experience passing the Copse corner safely with Charles Leclerc at the race at Silverstone yesterday. Hamilton quipped by comparing his previous experience when he had an incident with Max Verstappen in the previous year's race, the 2021 British F1. 

At that time Max Verstappen had to twist and drove in the gravel so hard that his car was crushed, Hamilton was also given a penalty even though he still managed to win. "Charles did a great job. Great fight," Hamilton quipped, as reported by from Planet F1. "The drivers are wise and clearly different to what we experienced last year. In the Copse for example, we were able to pass him without any problems," he stressed. This made Verstappen give a satire back to the 7-time F1 champion. 

The Red Bull Racing driver even said that Hamilton had learned from his mistakes how to pass the Copse corner. "I think the great thing is, when you are 37 years old, you understand how to go around corners. He is learning, so that is positive for young drivers, you are 37 years old and you are still learning," said the Dutch jet pilot. 

With satire, Verstappen assessed that Hamilton already knew his carelessness and applied it correctly when competing with Leclerc. "You can see the picture. Charles gave less space than I did last year. Plus he got a penalty, so it shouldn't be talked about anymore," he explained.

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