Joe Biden has not blacklisted Russian agricultural commodities

Joe Biden has not blacklisted Russian agricultural commodities

 President Joe Biden's administration has not blacklisted Russian agricultural commodities, including fertilizer after the Ukrainian invasion. However, many Western banks and traders shun Russian supplies for fear of violating the rapidly changing rules. A tanker carrying liquid fertilizer products from Russia will arrive in the United States. Quoted from Reuters, Friday (22/7/2022) based on sources and tracking data, the ship showed in recent days when concerns were widespread that global fertilizer prices were sky high and could lead to food shortages. 

Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of fertilizer, key to keeping maize, soybean, rice and wheat yields high. Farmers ALSO reduce the use of fertilizers due to high prices and reduce the area of   land they will plant. The Liberian-flagged tanker Johnny Ranger is scheduled to arrive in New Orleans on Monday carrying about 39,000 tonnes of urea ammonium nitrate solution. 

Likewise with fertilizers that are produced by combining urea, nitric acid, and ammonia. Details about the seller and buyer are not yet available. The US Treasury and US Customs and Border Protection declined to comment. 

A State Department spokesman said the United States had never sanctioned food or agricultural goods from Russia. "Unlike the Russian government, we have no interest in arming food to create a humanitarian crisis at the expense of vulnerable populations," a State Department spokesman said.

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