European gas companies have appealed to the UK to cooperate with the EU

European gas companies have appealed to the UK to cooperate with the EU

 Warned, that closing two-way interconnections to Belgium and the Netherlands could backfire. Britain said it would cut off gas supplies to mainland Europe if it was hit by a severe shortage under a contingency plan that energy companies warned risked worsening Europe 's gas crisis . As quoted from the Financial Times, when European countries are overshadowed by the threat of a total cut off of Russian gas, while Britain plans to close pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium. Doing so risks damaging international cooperation in the energy sector. 

The cutting of the so-called interconnecting pipeline would be one of the first steps under Britain's gas emergency plan, which the National Grid could trigger if supplies start to run low in the coming months. European gas companies have appealed to the UK to cooperate with the EU, where they have also warned that turning off interconnections could backfire in the event of a prolonged shortage. Britain itself imports large quantities of gas from the continent at the height of winter. “I would definitely recommend they (the UK) reconsider stopping interconnection (in the event of a crisis),” said Bart Jan Hoevers, president of the European Transmission System Operators Network for Gas, a large group whose members include Snam Italia and Fluxys of Belgium. "Because while it's beneficial to the continent in the summer, it's also beneficial to England in the winter." 

The UK will test its emergency gas shortage plan in September. National Grid said the plan was tested annually, adding that the latest drills would "reflect the circumstances" when Russia restricted gas exports to Europe. Pipeline cuts are part of the UK's four-step contingency plan, should a supply shortage become severe enough to put pressure on the gas system. Other emergency measures include shutting down supplies to large industrial users and urging households to reduce consumption. Meanwhile, Russia is not preventing grain exports from Ukrainian territory and is ready to export tens of millions of tons of its own grain if the West stops blocking food supplies. 

The statement was made by the Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, Wednesday (29/6/2022). "Russia is ready to export tens of millions of tons of its own grain if the Western ban is lifted from its exports," Zakharova said, as quoted by TASS.
The diplomat stressed that Russia does not prevent grain exports from Ukraine and provides a safe corridor for this every day. According to him, if the West is worried about the onset of world hunger, they should "stop blocking the food supply". Zakharova stressed that “It is Washington, Brussels and London that are doing everything to really artificially improve the situation” with grain exports.

 According to him, the fault for blocking grain exports from Ukraine also lies with the Kiev regime, which is responsible for the mines of ports. Zakharova also criticized the words of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who called Russia using hunger as a weapon. "Just look at the statements of the German Foreign Minister (Annalena Baerbock), which are absolutely outrageous and unacceptable to a politician, statesman and only person who has little or no knowledge of the history of his own country, Europe and the world as a whole," he said. “He (Baerbock) stated that Russia was quite deliberately arming hunger and taking the whole world hostage. Baerbock didn't just lie, he lied boldly and cynically," said Zakharova.

 According to the diplomat, Germany's foreign minister did everything "to forget that his country, which historically used hunger as a weapon and held people hostage, was destroying the civilian population."
Ukraine's grain exports, which have been hampered by the country's ongoing conflict, have been on the international agenda for more than two months. Although several transport options have been proposed, a final decision has not yet been made. According to various estimates, from 20 to 25 million tons of wheat are blocked in Ukraine.

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