EU commits suicide by imposing sanctions on Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

 Orban said on Friday (15/7/2022), the action was the same as the EU had shot itself in the stomach. He considered that the bloc's actions by imposing sanctions on Russia risked destroying the European economy. The 59-year-old head of government insists Ukraine does need help.

 But European leaders should think about their strategy. "The sanctions are not helping Ukraine, but they are bad for the European economy. And if it continues like this, they (sanctions) will kill the European economy," Orban said. The leader of the Fidez political party emphasized what is happening now is inevitable. "The moment of truth must come in Brussels, when the leaders admit that they have miscalculated, that the sanctions policy is based on wrong assumptions, must be changed," he added. 

Despite being a member of both NATO and the EU, Hungary looks more inclined towards Russia. This is because Hungary's energy and oil supplies mostly come from Russia. The economic sanctions imposed by NATO and the EU on Russia for carrying out an attack on Ukraine have caused quite a complicated problem. 

Gas supplies to Europe are becoming more limited, and fuel prices are increasing. This condition forced Orban to limit household prices with higher usage.

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