Bill Gates, the global economic crisis is approaching

Bill Gates, the global economic crisis is approaching

 This happened due to high inflation in the United States (US) affected by the pandemic which was exacerbated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Launching from, the most prominent impact of rising inflation is the soaring price of consumer products to gas and electricity. The founder of Microsoft has also warned before that the pandemic will occur as a worldwide disaster. 

But the words spoken since 2015 are too late, and now the risks seem real. At the TED2022 conference, he also encouraged to be more vigilant about future pandemics. “When I was on this stage in 2015, I said that a lot of people weren't ready for a pandemic. But like it or not, you have to be ready for it. The speech had actually been watched by many people. But 90% of his views are too late,” said the multi-billionaire entrepreneur. To deal with future pandemics, Bill Gates via his Twitter account @billgates shared three ways to anticipate, including disease monitoring, research and development and continuously improving the health system. 

For information, the Federal Reserve has started raising interest rates with three increases in three months. Most recently, the biggest three-quarter percentage point jump since 1994 During an interview on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS program, he also explained that the current economic situation, coupled with the coronavirus health crisis, would have a bigger impact. In fact, the level of US government debt is already very high, coupled with global supply chain problems. 

“You know that this will most likely accelerate rich country inflation problems and force rate hikes which will eventually result in an economic slowdown,” the Windows creator said. The Federal Reserve started to raise interest rates with three hikes in three months. And most recently was the biggest three-quarter percentage point jump in interest rates since 1994.

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