Bill Gates, dangerous alarm about the latest disease

Bill Gates, dangerous alarm about the latest disease

 As a philanthropist, Gates often devotes himself to activities to improve the quality of health in various parts of the world. Billionaire Bill Gates is sounding the dangerous alarm about a new disease caused by a deadly virus. Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she funds health and poverty alleviation projects in developing countries, including malaria research and vaccination programs. 

The philanthropic foundation was founded by Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda, in 2000. The Microsoft founder has also made eradicating certain diseases a priority. Recently, Gates warned the world about new cases of polio in several regions of the world. As is known, the foundation has donated USD 1.8 billion to eradicate polio in 2013. At that time, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program was named the Global Polio Initiative eradication of poliomyelitis (IMEP). Unfortunately, another case of polio was found in the United States in July 2022, after nine years of absence. “This latest polio case is an alarm that we have eradicated polio for the best. However, polio remains a threat to all of us," Gates said via his personal Twitter account. 

In fact, the emergence of a number of new outbreaks has been warned by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. In February 2022 he said the risk of severe illness from Covid-19 had been reduced. However, another pandemic will surely emerge again. Bill Gates revealed that the potential for a new pandemic will likely come from pathogens (viruses, bacteria, to fungi). In fact, it is different from the Corona virus family. "We are going to face another pandemic. 

It will be a different pathogen another time," said Bill Gates, Monday (25/7/2022). He added that the world should move faster in the future to develop and distribute vaccines. He asked the government to invest now. "Next time, we have to try and make it, instead of two years we have to make it like six months," Bill Gates said. “The cost of preparing for the next pandemic is not so great. It's not like climate change. If we are rational, yes, next time we will detect it earlier," he concluded.

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