Beijing accuses Australia of provocation in South China Sea

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

 China warned other powerful powers against the political situation in the South China Sea. The warning was issued by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. Monday (25/7/2022), Wang Yi emphasized that the South China Sea is not a safari park for other countries outside the region. He also emphasized that the region is not a battle arena for other strong countries to compete. 

The warning was expressed by Wang Yi in a virtual seminar. The seminar was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration on the Conduct of the Parties in the South China Sea. The declaration was jointly signed by China, and reaffirmed freedom of navigation, overflight, peaceful dispute resolution and self-restraint in carrying out activities. Wang's remarks came days after Beijing accused Australia of provocation in the South China Sea. 

At that time, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin expressed disappointment at Canberra's provocation. 

"We urge relevant parties to respect the facts, refrain from abusing China's restraints and immediately stop any actions that harm China's sovereignty and national security, in the name of implementing UN security council resolutions," Wang told the Global Times. Wang also reported that the move would be considered a total provocation to China.

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