Appreciation from the World President Joko Widodo's visit to Ukraine and Russia

Appreciation from the World President Joko Widodo's visit to Ukraine and Russia

 The visit of President Joko Widodo and First Lady Iriana Widodo to Ukraine and Russia did not only reap appreciation in the national world. The international community also praised Jokowi for the peace mission he brought. The Executive Director of Political Indicators Burhanuddin Muhtadi has a special note regarding Jokowi's visit. According to Burhanuddin, Jokowi's visit to Ukraine and Russia made an important history. The reason is, there is no leader of a country in the world that Russia and Ukraine can openly accept. 

"This is history, where there is no country leader in the world who can be openly accepted by the two countries at war, namely Russia and Ukraine, apart from Jokowi," said Burhanuddin in a statement received on Sunday (3/7/2022). In addition, Burhanuddin reminded, there is another historical record that was inscribed by Jokowi during the peace mission. According to Burhanuddin, no state leader can enter Ukraine with the First Lady, including contributing to humanitarian contributions. "Remarkably, this is not done secretly, even openly and widely publicized.

 Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) just entered Ukraine secretly and did not bring his family," said Burhanuddin.
In Burhanuddin's assessment, there is something that distinguishes Jokowi from other heads of state in his visits to conflict countries. For Burhanuddin, Jokowi came with a humanitarian motive. "If there is no reconciliation, then the world is threatened with a serious food crisis. This is because Ukraine is a producer of wheat, while Russia is a fertilizer," explained Burhanuddin. Similar to Burhanuddin, MPR Chairman Bambang Soesatyo also praised Jokowi's peacekeeping mission by visiting Ukraine and Russia directly. 

According to Bamsoet, as Bambang Soesatyo is fondly called, the escalation of global uncertainty must end immediately. This, said Bamsoet, before the series of excesses expanded the humanitarian disaster due to disruption of food supply chains and high energy prices. Indonesia, through President Jokowi, has taken the initiative to end this uncertainty. "The initiative was marked by President Joko Widodo's meeting with Russian and Ukrainian leaders, plus a meeting with leaders of the G-7 member countries," said Bamsoet.

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