A mysterious person visits Taylor Swift's house and harasses and threatens

A mysterious person visits Taylor Swift's house and harasses and threatens

 Again the terror of Hollywood celebrity house stalkers occurred. After Ariana Grande, apparently Taylor Swift has also become a victim of stalkers at her home. A mysterious person suddenly visited Taylor Swift's house uninvited and disturbed and threatened. A 35-year-old man reported by TMZ named Joshua Christian, suddenly came to Taylor Swift's residence. The building where Swift lives in New York was visited by Christian without being invited. It's terrible, because Christian manages to get in and talk on the intercom before he gets caught. 

At that time the clock showed 10:47 local time, to be precise on June 12, 2022. She was annoying and appeared on the intercom, but when Taylor Swift unexpectedly answered, the man allegedly threatened Taylor to hurt her. The excuse was used if Swift didn't want to come and be with Christian. Taylor Swift immediately reported to the police. Christian was found after escaping and avoiding his crime. The All Too Well singer isn't the first time he's found a stalker at his home. It's been recorded several times Swift has to face people who intend to disturb her. For example, in 2018, Swift also found intruders entering her home. Swift was taking a nap at the time and a man broke into the door to her house. 2018 was the worst year in Swift stalker history.

 It was recorded that another intruder broke into Swift's house in the Beverly Hills area. He carried a knife, but even other ammunition was dangerous and I don't know what it would be used for. In 2021 it was also recorded that someone tried to break into Swift's apartment. The person was identified as Hanks Johnson. Johnson was caught on April 17, 2021, as reported by the AP. But he persisted in arguing with the police, with Johnson admitting he and Swift were friends and had come by invitation. 

Security officials even said the man named Hanks Johnson had rang Swift's apartment doorbell about 5 times in the last 6 months. Johnson was barred by officers from entering the apartment area. Johnson finally admitted after being urged by the police for the motive for his visit to Swift's apartment.

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