Why Kim Kardashian Is Angry With Her Two Children On The Tonight Show

Why Kim Kardashian Is Angry With Her Two Children On The Tonight Show

 Kim Kardashian couldn't get past her June 21 interview with Jimmy Fallon without scolding two noisy onlookers. Artist and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian took her sons Saint West and Psalm West to a late-night show in New York City. Even though the boys are sitting off camera, the Kim Kardashian kids are still making epic looks thanks to their loud antics. "Guys! Guys, can you stop?" Kim said to her sons who could be heard in the background as she and Jimmy chatted about the Saturday Night Live host's show. 

Kim seemed surprised by the behavior of his two children who seemed not to know the filming process, even though they were often brought by Kim to work. The camera panned to show Saint and Psalm sitting at the side of the stage with Kim's best friend, Tracy Romulus' daughter, Remi.

 Jimmy waved to the kids, as Kim said, “Guys, this is your first time working with me. Don't mess this up. Come on!" Jimmy Fallon continues to interview Kim and ask about his daughter's 9th birthday party in the North West.

 But the conversation didn't last long because Saint and Psalm kept making a fuss. Kim asked his children to immediately leave the set so as not to interfere with the course of the event. Jimmy Fallon on his show, Tonight Show, talked a lot about Kim's relationship with Pete Davidson, which is currently hot and rumored to be stepping into a serious relationship.

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