Vladimir Putin says he is ready to use nukes to defend Russia

Vladimir Putin says he is ready to use nukes to defend Russia

 Although he insisted on not issuing threats. Putin sent one of his warships into NATO waters. “We are not threatening! But everyone needs to know that we have it and we will use it if necessary to protect our sovereignty," he said in a speech at an economic summit. Express reports despite his claims that he poses no threat, but there is no sign the military operation into Ukraine is coming to an end.

 The corvette was seen crossing the border early Friday (17/6/2022), near the island of Christiansoe in the Baltic Sea. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said it had been communicated very clearly to the Russian ambassador that this type of action was completely unacceptable. "We will not accept this kind of Russian provocation," he said. “This is a very irresponsible, abusive and totally unacceptable Russian provocation. 

This intimidation tactic is not working in Denmark," he tweeted. Putin's assurances that he was not a threat came as one of his backing TV presenters said Russia was ready for a "colossal war" and would use "100 missiles a day".

 Putin was present and made a speech at the St Petersburg Economic Forum – the Russian equivalent of Davos' gathering that attracts world leaders and some of the most financially significant global figures.
Putin is hosting the economic forum despite the fact that Russia is the most sanctioned country in history following the February attacks on Ukraine.

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