United States plans to build Iron Dome air defense system in Ukraine

United States plans to build Iron Dome air defense system in Ukraine

 The heat of the invasion by Russia has devastated major cities in Ukraine. This has made the United States (US) plan to build an air defense system called Iron Dome. By deploying a technology platform from San Francisco, JustAnswer will work with Ukraine to modernize Kiev's air system via the Iron Dome, with the aim of resisting Russian missile attacks. "Ukrainian technology is old and slow. If we can close the skies over Ukraine, Ukraine will have a much better chance of winning this war and winning democracy," said JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig. 

The initiative comes after Moscow began stepping up its missile strikes on Toshkivka ahead of a summit of European Union (EU) leaders to accept Kiev join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The attack certainly added to the losses for Ukraine, both physical and material losses. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights noted that Russia's four-month air invasion resulted in 4,509 civilian deaths and 5,585 injuries. As for the total war losses, the Kyiv School of Economics reports that the damage to Ukraine's infrastructure has so far exceeded 100 billion US dollars. 

This makes the US concerned, so it plans to install Iron Dome systems in eight of the most vulnerable airspaces in Ukraine, with the aim of destroying and preventing the entry of missiles, rockets and artillery shells belonging to the Russian army. Iron Dome's prowess in resisting attacks can't be doubted, MarketWatch reports Iron Dome has a success rate of more than 90 percent in detecting and destroying incoming missiles. 

This way Ukraine has a much better chance of quelling the Russian attack.
In making this plan a success, JustAnswer does not alone launch from Foxnews, it will be assisted by several Ukrainian partners such as the Lviv Military Administration, the West Ukrainian Air Command, and the Software Association, itSMF Japan. 

Prior to the planned construction of this air system, Ukraine's Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk is known to have asked Israel for help in selling the Iron Dome air defense system to Kiev earlier this month. However, because Israel did not approve of the plan. Finally, the US took the initiative to help Ukraine by building its own air defense system.

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