UK assists Ukraine with M270 . multiple-launch rocket system

UK assists Ukraine with M270 . multiple-launch rocket system

 Britain's Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, said this continued arms aid was evolving in line with the war situation in Ukraine. Especially to deal with new tactics from Russia. "This highly reliable multiple-launch rocket system will allow our Ukrainian friends to better protect themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery, which Putin's forces have used indiscriminately to level cities," Wallace said in a statement. a statement, quoted by Reuters. The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System is an American self-propelled, armored multiple rocket launcher. 

First used by the US Army in 1983, the M270 has been adopted by several NATO member states. The M270 was used in the Gulf war, Afghanistan war, Iraq war, and now the Ukraine-Russia war. Last week, US President Joe Biden announced he would supply Ukraine with the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System M142, or HIMARS. HIMARS was finally given to Biden after Kyiv promised not to use it to attack Russian territory. The US Department of Defense said it would ship four HIMARS M142s along with the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System which has a range of more than 64 kilometers.
Meanwhile, Britain will train Ukrainian troops to use the new weapon. Previously, Britain had trained Ukrainian military personnel to use armored vehicles from it. 

In an interview with the Rossiya-1 television channel, Putin said the West did not want the conflict in Ukraine to end soon. According to him, all the fuss regarding arms shipments to Kyiv is aimed at prolonging the armed conflict in Ukraine. "In my view, all this fuss over the delivery of additional weaponry is generally pursuing the sole purpose of prolonging the armed conflict as long as possible," Putin told reporter Pavel Zarubin on the Vesti Nedeli program, which aired on Sunday (05/06/2022). from TASS. The Russian leader responded to the US delivery of rocket systems to Ukraine. He said the supply of dual launch rocket systems from the US did not change anything because Kyiv previously had an inventory of these weapons. 

The US is said to have only replenished the stock held by Kyiv. "There is nothing new about it," Putin said. "These are all multiple launch rocket systems and the Ukrainian army operates similar Soviet and Russian-made Grad, Smerch and Uragan rocket systems," he said. The Russian leader assessed the range "depends on the rocket used and not on the system itself." "What we hear today and what we understand, these are rockets that fly up to a distance of 45-70 km depending on the Type rocket. The same goes for the Grad, Uragan and Smerch rocket systems I'm talking about. 

They also have a range 40-70 km and there is nothing new about it," explained the head of state. "This is why these deliveries by the United States and some other countries can only be attributed to the intention to help Kiev make up for the losses of its combat hardware," Putin said.
The Russian leader also commented on Kyiv's assurances to the West that the rocket system would not be used to attack Russian territory. "This has nothing to do with trust or distrust of the Ukrainian regime because it depends on the types of rockets America will supply," Putin replied. 

Putin also warned that Russia would attack new facilities in Ukraine with long-range rockets from the West. "When it comes to rockets and they are supplied, we will draw conclusions from that and use our weapons that we have in sufficient numbers to attack facilities that we have not attacked so far," he said.

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