The President of the Republic of Indonesia to Russia is considered very important

The President of the Republic of Indonesia to Russia is considered very important

 The presence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Jokowi to Russia is considered very important for various reasons. The following is a review of why the meeting between Indonesia and Russia is so important? The Russian News Agency, TASS, on Tuesday (14/6/2022) reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to meet with the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Joko Widodo in Moscow on June 30. Information on the meeting between Putin and Jokowi published by TASS was obtained from Kremlin sources or the Russian Government. TASS that day published an article entitled “Putin to meet with Indonesian president in Moscow June 30, Kremlin source says” on their website. In the article, it is stated that President Jokowi's agenda to Russia is a very important visit, according to a Kremlin source. 

“This will be a very important visit. We are preparing it now," the source said. "President Joko Widodo of Indonesia will visit Moscow on June 30," added the Kremlin source. Kremlin sources revealed that Indonesia is an important partner of Russia. Indonesia and Russia are said to have maintained intensive political and economic relations. A Kremlin source also mentioned that this year Indonesia holds the G20 Presidency and will host the G20 Summit. Putin has been invited to participate in the G20 summit. "We will definitely go," said a Kremlin source. But Russia has not yet decided what format it will be in, whether in person or virtually. "The summit will take place on November 15-16, there's plenty of time, we'll see," said a Kremlin source. 

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine is a NATO and American defense pact war against Russia for complete control of the politics of all of Europe. The effects of the unfinished war have already damaged the economies of America and Europe and are spreading throughout the world.
"Actually, I have said this several times on several occasions since the beginning of this war, I emphasize that the 'suicidal' involvement of NATO with various sanctions is unreasonable and has the potential of 'against international law' against the people and state of Russia, then the world situation will not be will return to how it was before the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. Connie Rahakundini's statement was also reaffirmed by President Putin in his speech at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on June 17 yesterday. "Changes due to choices made by Western countries, especially NATO led by the US, will certainly have implications for bringing back the flow of world changes that will be fundamental, radical, and irreversible," he said. 

For example, according to Connie, there will be a "corrosion of globalization" effect because finally the world will see with the naked eye how the ruling elite in the US and Western countries carry out punitive sanctions against Russia which have never been done to America with the dozens of wars it initiated. "Sanctions are made carelessly so that they forget to measure their impact that extends beyond the war zone but also immediately to the whole world," he stressed. According to Connie, it seems that this conflict will force the eyes of the US and its allies who still strongly believe that Western dominance in global politics and economics is a constant and eternal value. President Putin, according to Connie, put it in a harsh sentence, "Since claiming victory in the cold war of the early 1990s, the United States seems to have declared itself as a messenger of God on earth, who has no obligations, but only interests, and any interests for the sake of the United States are declared as holy mission". 

"Meanwhile, if other countries do it then it will immediately be considered a threat," said Connie.
Connie stressed that the US and everyone else can remain important participants, sustaining regional security and stability and increasing its economic engagement through initiatives such as the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act and the BUILD Act. ASEAN also has a formal dialogue mechanism with the European Union, as well as many other countries, to create a stronger framework for cooperation and more room to advance the collective interests of its members internationally. "Therefore, the President's visit to the G7 countries should also be able to bring the spirit of Indonesia's active role in efforts to overcome the challenges of creating a new and balanced security architecture," he said. 

"It is proven how in the Soekarno era, Indonesia's aspirations and ambitions as an Indo Pacific Pivot country grew and were recognized as the dominant power in the southern hemisphere, with the strength of its armed forces which was built to become the main force in the Indian and Pacific Ocean circumferences with the strength of the current title and posture. that's unquestionable…” So even with today's global challenges, according to Connie, the President's steps and attitude must be welcomed, which proves to the world that Indonesia cannot avoid its responsibility to play a more strategic, proactive and positive role, and return to being an influential player in the region and the world.

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