The massacre of Christians in Nigeria that took place in the south of the African country

The massacre of Christians in Nigeria that took place in the south of the African country

 Nigeria is Heaven and Hell together” where corruption and inequality reign. Father Giulio Albanese told who we asked for comment on the latest tragic events that occurred last Sunday at the church of San Francesco in the southern state of Ondo.
Dozens of victims have yet to be confirmed, including many women and children. The massacre that rocked Africa and the international community. Dozens of innocent deaths that, however, have paid off over the years due to civil wars between the different ethnic groups that inhabit the country of 200 million people, considered the most populous on the African continent. It is often Christian churches that are the target of raids: "To hit a church is to pierce the screen" according to Father Giulio.

Now the southern region of the African country is also of concern, until now considered safer than the northern enclave of the Jhii extremists who carried out bloody attacks. "Instrumental attacks for subversive purposes", were also dictated by a kind of "delusion of omnipotence" on the part of these gunmen, missionary Comboni said.
Sunday's massacre has not yet been claimed, Boko Haram, the extremist group responsible for several other bloody attacks, but also the Fulani herders, a Muslim ethnic group that has a large presence in the area, always looking for fertile pastures. The meadow means bread and is a place of vengeance too for rampant poverty that cannot be remedied, the missionary asserted.

But "According to the Islamic Association of Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC," the attack on the San Francesco church is undoubtedly evidence of Boko Haram's presence in the southwest after their penetration into the states of Niger and Kogi", because "is Boko Haram's modus operandi. We warned that other mosques and churches could be next targets because that's how the attacks in the North began. Therefore they ask for protection”.

President Buhari, who is a Muslim-majority Fulani, a rival to the Yoruba Christians, thundered: "This country will never give in to evil." This concept was also picked up in a letter sent by Cardinal Zuppi, president of CEI to Mgr. Jude Ayodeji Arogundade , Bishop of Ondo. “Evil will never have the last word! Even if darkness and death seem to shroud the world, we are confident that the power of prayer and the gift of faith will clear the clouds.”
According to Father Albanese, the massacre was not only caused by religious conflicts, but also the struggle for territorial control and efforts to fight poverty. Despite the country's rich resources, a Nigerian citizen lives on less than $2 per day. In the barbaric town of Owe during Pentecost mass on Sunday, there were initially rumors of a priest being kidnapped which the diocese itself denied. Foreclosures, which Pastor Albanese says are a "business" and a source of high income for Nigeria.

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