Taylor Swift Wants To Be A Director And Have Her Own Film Project

Taylor Swift Wants To Be A Director And Have Her Own Film Project

 Popular musician Taylor Swift recently revealed an interesting confession. Success in the music industry has not made Taylor satisfied with his career. Through an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor openly admitted that he wanted to pursue the profession of director. Taylor felt it after becoming a director for a number of his own music videos. Taylor said the feeling of wanting to become a director began when he was forced to direct the making of his music video, titled "The Man". 

Taylor said all the female directors he wanted were busy at the time. Eventually, Taylor was forced to take over the task. "I want a female director to direct it. And all my favorite female directors are booked and busy, which is great. We love that. It's awesome. So I just thought maybe I could do it?" said Taylor. Since that moment, Taylor admitted to enjoying every job a director does. Taylor even thought he could be a unique and different director.

 "In my head then it was like, 'I love doing this.' I would have done it differently," he said. "So the list of things I absorbed got so long that I ended up thinking, 'I really want to do this'." Taylor claims to have found satisfaction while directing the making of his music video. 

Therefore, the 32-year-old actress wants to try out the director's profession. "I find it very satisfying," said Taylor. Taylor also expressed his desire to have a film project of his own. Later, Taylor wanted to work with people he trusted. He also wants to work with a solid group. "It would be fantastic to write and direct a film. I don't see it getting bigger in terms of scale," concluded Taylor. 

"I like to make very intimate films with a very small group and a very solid group of people I trust." The fans also gave support to Taylor. They hope Taylor in the future can realize his desire to become a film director.

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