Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn caught on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn caught on a romantic getaway to the Bahamas

 Celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn recently had a romantic getaway to the island of the Bahamas. A number of intimate photos of the two were also widely shared on social media. The intimate and intimate moments of the two while in the Bahamas also attracted a lot of public attention. The reason is, this couple is known to be quite closed and even reluctant to share photos together on their respective social media pages. Both Taylor and Joe have also avoided interviews about their love life. 

Joe himself is a person who really values   privacy, especially when it comes to his romance with Taylor. In a number of photos shared by the media, Taylor and Joe look intimately enjoying the scenery and the atmosphere of the beach. The two hugged each other and shared a few kisses. Full photos of Taylor and Joe can be seen on the following page. The two of them were seen playing in the water happily. Taylor was seen wearing a black bikini in the moment of the beach vacation. 

Meanwhile, Joe is shirtless and wearing blue shorts. It is known, Taylor and Joe have been dating for six years. The couple first started a relationship in 2016 and their romance has lasted to this day. Meanwhile, rumors of Taylor and Joe's engagement swirled after the two were caught on a romantic vacation to St Ives. Taylor and Joe are said to have been on a three-day vacation and were spotted leaving Nashville on a private jet amidst their busy lives. 

A close source later told The Sun that it was possible Joe proposed to Taylor during the holiday. He believes that Taylor and Joe's relationship is indeed going in a more serious direction. "It feels like things are getting more serious and people think an engagement could happen," the source said. "That could explain the long journey to a certain place."

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