Russia expects common sense to prevail in the West

Russia expects common sense to prevail in the West

 After problems related to hacker attacks on the St. Forum system. Petersburg , Vladimir Putin , albeit with a delay, managed to deliver his long-awaited speech at the plenary session. Long speech that points to Washington and Brussels. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Egyptian Abdel Fatah al-Sisi listen to him in a videoconference. The only heads of state present were the presidents of three post-Soviet countries: Aleksandr Lukashenko of Belarus, Kazakh Kassym-Jomart Tokaev, and Vahagn Khachaturjan of Armenia. "Nothing will be the same" but "nothing lasts forever", said the president of the Russian federation. "Our partners in the West are deliberately undermining international foundations in the name of their geopolitical illusions," he said. 

"We are only playing one part of the field" but under these conditions "the world is unstable" and "'Europe is heading for a wave of radicalism and elite change". "The US thinks it is the only center of the world". After "declaring victory in the Cold War", the United States declared its interests "sacred". Sanctions against Russia were "stupid and reckless, the goal was to destroy the economy of the Russian Federation but to no avail". "The dark predictions regarding the Russian economy, held in early spring, were incorrect. The structure of Western sanctions is built on the false thesis that the economy of the Russian federation is not sovereign." however, he explains, "Russia will never follow the path of autarky , despite the Western dream". 

According to the Kremlin leader, "we must ensure economic development based on private business". According to Putin, "the pandemic and ongoing events have emphasized the importance of flexibility and And he stated that "inflation in the EU is more than 20% and Europe will lose more than 400 billion dollars in sanctions against Russia and this will increase social inequality". And he added: "Some global currencies are committing suicide" According to the head of the Kremlin , the European community "lost competitiveness due to sanctions against the Russian Federation" and will suffer "in the following years a slowdown in economic growth". However, he argues, it is a fact that "the EU has finally lost its political sovereignty".

 And about Ukraine's accession to the EU, Putin said, “We are not against it. This is not a military blockade. It is the right of every country to join an economic union”.
He also stated that "the negative trend of the global economy is not related to special operations in Ukraine". And he remembers that it was hard to decide to start but it was necessary. "All the objectives of the special operations in Ukraine will be achieved". This was emphasized by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the St. Economic Forum. Petersburg. "Russia's special operations in Ukraine are a sovereign state's decision based on the right to guarantee its security," he said. The Russian agency reported it. 

On the issue of wheat, the president underlined that Moscow "welcomes the UN invitation to dialogue on food security". Putin explained that "there are 5-6 options for exporting Ukrainian grain" but it is necessary "to let the authorities in Kiev decide for themselves how to do it without being guided" by "overseas" countries. According to Putin "the volume of grain supply could grow to 50 million tons ". But he also said that "Ukrainian wheat money can be used to buy weapons". The speech, in some parts, was a harsh attack on the West and stated that "everything that happens in the world is not the result of the events of the past few months, including special operations, but all this has deep roots for the irresponsible policies of the G7". 

The Kremlin leader has bluntly defined Western politics as "predatory and colonial". Meanwhile, Russia is working "to keep the inflation target at 4% and will continue to develop projects related to renewable energy". In his speech at the economic forum in St. Petersburg, the head of the Kremlin urged to "develop technology" in the Russian Federation: "we must not only become users of technological solutions, but also create". The Russian agency reported it.
Russia "should be able to produce key technologies", the West "will always provide us with phones, smartphones, but never key technologies" and Putin stressed the importance of achieving "independence" in key sectors such as high technology. 

"Only a sovereign country can count on a sovereign future", he added, saying he was confident that the space left by foreign companies that had or would leave the Russian market would be filled by others, although he said he was confident that "European partners of from time to time they will return to the Russian market". "We have to go one step further" and Russia "has hypersonic missiles like no other" and "enters a new era as a strong and sovereign nation and will become "stronger". This was conveyed by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the St Petersburg plenary forum. 

"Our country - said Putin according to the Interfax agency - has great potential and goals that require the use of innumerable forces. Invest here, invest in the creation of new businesses, jobs, in the development of tourist infrastructure, supporting schools, universities, health, social services. , culture and sport.” And he also added “I hope the gas flow increases to the new routes soon”. And about relations with China he commented: "The importance of cooperation does not arise from the current geopolitical situation but because it is a country of great potential".

 Russia "does not expect China to follow it or accompany it in everything," Putin said. "Russia expects common sense to prevail in the West", and it would be understood that "Russia must be respected". This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin answering questions from reporters at the Economic Forum and always answering questions, he said that he and Xi Jinping have "personal relations of friendship in the full sense of the word". Tass reported it.

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