Russia based Google goes bankrupt!!

Russia based Google goes bankrupt!!

 Russia-based Google has filed for bankruptcy or default. This happened after Russian authorities in May confiscated Google's bank accounts so that they could not pay salaries and bills to their employees in Russia. "The confiscation of Google Russia bank accounts by Russian authorities has rendered our offices in Russia unable to function. Therefore, Google Russia has filed for bankruptcy," a Google spokesperson said. With the submission of the case to the Russian court, now the Alphabet company has officially stopped operating in Russia. 

Although Russia has so far not enforced a full block on Google or YouTube services. However, since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of last February, these two Alphabet services have continued to face great pressure from Moscow, one of which is a fine of US$260,000 due to Google's refusal to follow Putin's rules for localizing user data in Russian data centers. as reported by Reuters. 

This rule was initiated by Putin to tighten the use of internet services in his country in order to anticipate cases of cyber attacks in the midst of heating up the invasion. This rule does not only apply to Google, but also various other social networking companies such as Twitter, Meta Platforms Inc, Facebook and Instagram. 

Even though Google's services have officially left Russia, Google will try to provide some free services to the Russian public, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android, and Play services. "People in Russia rely on our services and we will continue to provide them with free services," the Google statement added. For information, Google began to expand in Russia since 2005. Google's success in attracting the hearts of the Russian people has even made this company able to record revenues of 134.3 billion rubles throughout 2021.

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