Reduce expenses, Tesla lays off hundreds of employees

Reduce expenses, Tesla lays off hundreds of employees

 CALIFORNIA – The supercar company Tesla Inc. has reportedly cut 200 workers from the Autopilot division. The layoffs came just after Tesla CEO Elon Musk closed the operation of his electric vehicle factory located in the San Mateo, California location. This employee cut is the largest Tesla has ever undertaken. As quoted from Bloomberg, the layoffs were carried out by Tesla as an effort to reduce the company's expenses amid a potential recession in the global market.

 Before carrying out the mass layoffs, Tesla was known to have notified this information via email to 350 of its employees at the California factory. Elon Musk also said that in the next few years his automotive factory will not recruit. This is certainly a heavy blow for Tesla, considering that recently Tesla has expanded its electric car expansion by building automotive factories in Texas and Berlin, not only that Tesla has also increased the number of employees in all branches until the total now reaches 100,000 employees. 

Currently, Tesla is still reluctant to provide any confirmation regarding the circulation of information about mass layoffs at the San Mateo, California factory. However, according to news circulating as a result of the cuts, now at least 200 permanent and contract employees from data annotation specialist staff, who are tasked with evaluating customer vehicle data with the Autopilot driver assistance feature, have been forced to leave.

 Not only that, Elon Musk's cuts of hundreds of employees, also made the shares of Tesla's supercar factory fell 1 percent at the end of trading Tuesday (28/6/2022), although it did not fall significantly but the decline added to the long list of falling Tesla shares this year. which has penetrated at 34 percent.

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