Putin made a historic and fundamental mistake for his people

Putin made a historic and fundamental mistake for his people

 Russian President Vladimir Putin made a historic and fundamental mistake by invading Ukraine.
This was conveyed by French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with the country's media, Friday (3/6/2022).
However, Macron continued, Russia should not be embarrassed so that when the fighting stops, a way out can be found through diplomatic means.
"I told him (Putin) that he made a historic and fundamental mistake for his people, for himself and for history," Macron was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera.
"I think he has isolated himself. Isolating yourself is one thing, but getting out of it is a hard road," he continued.

Meanwhile, Putin on Friday blamed the West for the emergence of a global food and energy crisis.
He repeated his government's offer of safe passage for ships exporting grain from Ukraine.
"Of course, we are now seeing efforts to shift responsibility for what is happening in the world food market, the problems that have arisen in this market, to Russia," Putin told Russian TV.
"I have to say that this is an attempt, as our people say, to shift this issue from a sore head to a healthy head."

The Russian army has seized most of Ukraine's southern coastline during the 100-day war and its warships control access to the country's Black Sea ports.
But they continue to blame Ukraine and the West for the cessation of Ukrainian grain exports.
He also said ports under Kyiv control, in particular, Odesa, could be used but asked the waters around Ukrainian-controlled ports to be cleared of mines by Ukraine.
Russia would instead allow the ships to pass safely, Putin said.

Other transport options include the Danube River via Romania, Hungary or Poland, he added.
As reported by the state-run TASS news agency, Putin also said Western sanctions against Russia would only worsen world markets.
He said inflation stemmed from the dollar's unprecedented "printing machine" during the coronavirus pandemic and blamed insular European policies on underinvestment in alternatives to traditional energy supplies and rising prices.
Putin promised that if Ukrainian waters were mined, Russia would not attack grain shipments and suggested shipments could be made from the port of Berdyansk or other countries, such as Belarus.

"There is no problem exporting grain from Ukraine," he said, adding it could be done via Ukrainian ports, through other ports under Russian control, or even through central Europe.
Putin accused the West of bluffing by claiming Moscow was preventing grain exports from Ukraine.
Russia and Ukraine account for nearly a third of the global grain supply.
While Russia is also a major global exporter of fertilizers and Ukraine is a major exporter of corn and sunflower oil.

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