Peace between Russia and Ukraine, currently impossible

Peace between Russia and Ukraine, currently impossible

 This was conveyed by Peskov in his latest interview with Radio Mayak, Wednesday (8/6/2022), quoted from Ukrainska Pravda. Peskov said, any meeting that leads to peace must be carefully prepared. Moreover, according to Peskov, Ukraine has come a long way from the peace negotiations that had occurred between the two countries. For this reason, a meeting between the two countries to discuss peace negotiations is currently impossible. 

"Our position is clear. Every meeting must be productive and well prepared." "We know that the Ukrainian side has left the negotiation path." "That's why we are not talking now about the possibility of preparing for such a top-level meeting," Peskov said. As is known, Zelensky believes that only Putin can end Russia's war against Ukraine. In fact, the Ukrainian president has repeatedly offered the Russian leader a meeting, but Putin has always refused. Ukraine also claims the impossibility of holding a meeting appears to be related to the fact that Putin is not ready to give up his aggressive intentions, even though Russia has lost the war.

 Instead, Putin is currently trying to seize as much Ukrainian territory as possible. For Ukraine, peace talks are really pointless at this point. This is because Russia will not withdraw troops, but is busy seeking territorial concessions from Ukraine and making it abandon its chosen geopolitical path. Moreover, at this time Russia also refuses to talk about occupied Crimea and Donbas. Ukraine seeks to liberate the territories of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv oblasts, which were occupied at least after February 24. While Russia claims that the territory is "forever" present in southern Ukraine. On May 17, negotiators declared talks, even at the delegation level, had "paused". 

Ukrainian authorities began to prepare the public to prepare that the war would last at least until the end of the year.
Previously reported, the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) updated the latest information on the state of war in Ukraine from its intelligence services. According to them, currently Ukraine is still defending the Severodonetsk region. Previously, the area which became an important city in the Donbass of Eastern Ukraine was claimed to have been controlled by Russia. However, intelligence said Ukraine's defenses were still there even though Russia continued to attack it. "While it is unlikely that the two sides have gained significant strength in the last 24 hours," reads a release from the UK Ministry of Defence.

 "Russia continues to try to attack the Severodonetsk enclave from three directions despite the defense of Ukraine." "While Russia is concentrating its attacks on the central sector of the Donbas, Russia is staying on its flanks," he added, quoted by The Guardian. Meanwhile, an update of information regarding the ongoing situation in the eastern frontline city of Severodonetsk was released on Wednesday (8/6/2022) morning. Now, referring to Ukraine's southwestern Kherson region, British intelligence says Ukrainian forces have just achieved some success through counter-attacks. Including regaining a foothold on the east bank of the Ingulets River.

 With the occupation zone front stretching more than 500 km, Russia and Ukraine both face similar challenges. Especially in maintaining the line of defense while freeing up combat units capable of offensive operations. In the occupied Kherson region, Russia forcibly aligns its administration with the Russian Federation. They introduced the Russian ruble as legal tender and employed Russian teachers to introduce the Russian curriculum and language into schools. Russia will most likely claim its occupation of Kherson as proof of providing Ukrainians with better governance and living standards.

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