Park Bo Gum's hospitality while traveling to Paris,France

Park Bo Gum's hospitality while traveling to Paris,France

 The name Park Bo Gum is in the spotlight of social media users. This follows Park Bo Gum's kindness and hospitality when he traveled to Paris, France with BTS's V and BLACKPINK's Lisa on Friday, June 24, 2022. The three South Korean celebrities were invited to the Summer Fashion Show in Paris for the CELINE fashion show. One of the most interesting things during the fashion show was when Park Bo Gum approached the fans of V BTS and Lisa BLACKPINK. Several clips that have gone viral on social media show Park Bo Gum receiving letters on behalf of V and Lisa, making sure to give them to idols. 

In the clip that went viral on social media, Park Bo Gum, who was wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans, seemed to have called BTS's V. Park Bo Gum called V BTS to inform him, there were a number of fans who wanted to give him letters and flowers. Unfortunately Park Bo Gum's call was not heard by V BTS. Park Bo Gum then took the initiative to run over to the crowd of fans outside. He then took a number of letters given by fans of Lisa BLACKPINK and V BTS. “Bogum is the most low-key celebrity. I really admire him," commented netizens. "If I were their fan (V and Lisa) I would also love him (Park Bo Gum) and will be his fans," said another. 

However, even though fans praised Park Bo Gum, many fans were actually worried about the clip. Not because of the actor's kindness, but because of the fans in the video. Fans believe that this clip means that fans are waiting outside the hotel to try and see Park Bo Gum, V, and Lisa. Which is a violation of their privacy and leads to concerns about their safety. “Is that their hotel?? Are you kidding me?? How dare they stalk them?," wrote one netizen. 

On the other hand, some fans even argue that V is deliberately ignoring the fans.
“Taehyung saw these people and left on purpose. if that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about people showing up at the airport or elsewhere, don't know what to say. Although Park Bo Gum's outstanding personality is undeniable, hopefully, fans will stop interfering with the idols' private lives.

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