Norway : Two people killed in shooting at two gay clubs

Norway : Two people killed in shooting at two gay clubs

 Two people died in shootings at two gay clubs and at a take-away food stand. 14 injured including 3 in serious condition. Police arrested a suspect. "I saw a man come in with a bag, he took out a gun and started shooting," said a witness. On social media video from the shooting scene. 

Three crime scenes: the gay club London Pub, Herr Nilsen's jazz club and a take-away deli. The police gathered all the eyewitnesses at a nearby hotel. NRK, Norwegian television, told the story of Morten Sommerstad, a man who was inside the pub when the shots were fired: "As soon as I felt there was a shot I was hit by shards of glass. 

Then several shots followed, I ran to the internal bar - continued witness - and I trying to bring as many people as possible with me: there was panic at the disco". 

Another witness told Norwegian media that "It looked like a war scene, with many people on the ground with head injuries: the killer was very determined, especially where to aim."

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