NATO: continue to deliver weapons to Kiev

NATO: continue to deliver weapons to Kiev

 The war in Ukraine could last for years." NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview published today by the German newspaper Bild. "We have to be prepared that it will last for years," he said, pointing out that "not to weaken support for Ukraine, even six high costs, not only in terms of military support, but also because of rising energy and gas prices. food material".

 However, according to Stoltenberg, "the cost of food and fuel is nothing compared to what Ukrainians on the front line pay daily. What's more, if Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to achieve his goals in Ukraine, as when he annexed Crimea in 2014," we have to pay an even higher price," he warned. 

In this context, the Secretary General of NATO urged the alliance countries to continue sending weapons to Kiev. "With the addition of modern weapons, the chances of Ukraine being able to drive Putin's troops out of the Donbass will increase," he said. 

The eastern region of Ukraine is currently partly under the control of Russian troops. Johnson: prepare for a long war, time is a vital factor Even the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in his speech in the Sunday Times, focused on the time factor and explained to readers: "Time is a vital factor; everything will depend on whether Ukraine succeeds in strengthening its ability to defend its territory faster than Russia can renew its attack capacity. "

 "I fear it is necessary to prepare for a long war, because Putin is using a campaign of attrition, trying to destroy Ukraine with brutality," commented the British prime minister.

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