Joe Alwyn is willing to open up about his relationship with Taylor

Joe Alwyn is willing to open up about his relationship with Taylor

 Celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are back to steal the public's attention. This is because Joe, who is known to be quite secretive, is now willing to open up about his love relationship with Taylor. It is known, Joe and Taylor have been dating for quite a long time to be precise about six years. There are even rumors that the couple is officially engaged. Unfortunately, neither Joe nor Taylor have spoken at all regarding the good news. 

However, it was recently revealed that Taylor's reaction to a number of intimate scenes that Joe often played with his female co-stars was revealed. Like Joe's latest project with actress Alison Oliver. It is known, the two are co-stars in the Hulu series entitled "Conversations with Friends". In the series, Joe and Alison had to do intimate scenes several times. Joe also revealed his lover's reaction regarding the intimate scene he had to do. Surprisingly, Joe said Taylor liked his project on this one. Joe claims his lover likes reading novels about the series he is currently starring in. 

Therefore, Taylor is looking forward to the next big project of the novel. Joe said the lover understood all the roles and stories he had to play. "I mean, he read the book and he loved the book so he knew it. He just couldn't be a fan of the bigger project," Joe said as if Taylor was okay. Meanwhile, rumors of Taylor and Joe's engagement swirled after the two were caught on a romantic vacation to St Ives.

 Taylor and Joe are said to have been on a three-day vacation and were spotted leaving Nashville on a private jet amidst their busy lives. A close source later told The Sun that it was possible Joe proposed to Taylor during the holiday. He believes that Taylor and Joe's relationship is indeed going in a more serious direction. 

"It feels like things are getting more serious and people think an engagement could happen," the source said. "That could explain the long journey to a certain place."

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